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It seems the route to musical acceptance, these days, is anger and bitterness, over a bed of cookie-cutter production drivel. No actual musicality. We don’t buy into that.

.end of story is living proof that energy, passion, and aggression, can still be found in the form of melody, integrity, honesty, and true musicianship. .end of story is a three-piece, progressive, hard-rock band that redefines the term “power trio”. Upon listening to their CD’s, or catching them at a show, the most common comment is “This is only three guys?” Yeah, three guys. Three guys that live, eat, sleep, and breathe their music.

The members of .end of story, Skot Reed / guitar & lead vocals, Dave Eichman / bass & vocals, and Rick Hoskinson / drums, have created a sound that is both powerful, and emotional. The songs are filled with hooks that you’ll find difficult to get out of your head. The lead vocal is perfectly supported by strong harmonies, creating a signature, recognizable, vocal style. Powerhouse drumming, an array of explosive guitar and bass tones, combined with production that doesn’t cater to the flavor-of-the-week monotony, that’s .end of story.

Music with integrity never goes out of style. You can find that integrity right here, as well as a reminder of what rock & roll has been missing for a LONG time. Music. Yeah, remember music?
.end of story

rick hoskinson - drums
skot reed - guitar / lead vocals
dave eichman ~ bass / vocals

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